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Roseburg Sanded PanelsAn Industrial Plywood Panel Built Just the Way You Want It!

Roseburg’s Industrial Performance Sanded Plywood Panel is a custom designed and built panel that delivers increased value, better durability, and long-term performance. The panel is built to our customers' specifications which produces an extremely consistent product for further machining.

  • Green: Our modern manufacturing maximizes product efficiency with less harmful emissions than other products. Optional Green certifications are available.
  • Lower formaldehyde emissions: Exempt from U.S. HUD and California formaldehyde regulations due to their very low emission rates. 
  • Reliability: Manufactured under the most stringent, state-of-the-art quality assurance programs in North America. 
  • Affordability: While the costs of industrial materials - including plastic, steel and aluminum - continue to rise, Industrial Performance plywood Panels continue to provide consistent value. 
  • Strength and stiffness: Effectively resist both uniform and point loads. 
  • Dimensional stability and flatness: Relatively consistent in size in most environments, even during temperature changes. 
  • Surface texture: Can be manufactured with many different sanded surface qualities. 
  • Workability: Can be easily cut into almost any needed shape or size with commonly available tools. 
  • Relative lightness in weight: Ratio of structural performance to weight easily beats other products. 
  • Durability: Highly resistant to many chemicals and weather when properly finished or treated with preservatives. 
  • Unique features: Low thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. 
  • Surface durability: Can be designed to have puncture- and wear-resistant surfaces. 
  • Customability: Custom-designed panels that are engineered to meet specialized demands.

Stock Industrial Sanded Plywood Panels

In addition to offering custom built industrial sanded plywood panels, Roseburg also produces the following stock panels. 

  • AC+ Radiata Pine
  • AC Fir
  • BC Fir

 Key Features

  • Dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistant
  • Water resistant phenolic resin
  • Excellent machinability, paintability
  • Fewer and smaller core voids
  • Ultra-smooth sanded face
  • Meets APA, PS 1 standards

The following is a list of specifications for our most commonly requested industrial sanded plywood panel.  However, we can produce a panel to meet a specifc standard.  Please contact Roseburg sales to discuss your specific panel need.


  • Lengths 8’, 9’ 10’
  • Widths 4’, 5' (5' widths only available in 15/32" and 23/32")
  • Thickness 1/4’’ - 31/32”


  • AA, AB, AC & BC


  • Face veneer is Douglas-fir
  • Core veneer is western softwood
  • Back veneer is Douglas-fir or Whitewood if 1/8’’ or thicker.
  • Adhesive is exterior, water resistant phenolic glue
  • Face is fully sanded
  • Some patching repairs with water-based putty

Roseburg Industrial Sanded Plywood, The Most Used Plywood Panel!

Industrial plywood panels have been the panel of choice by original equipment manufacturers for over 60 years.  Why, because they are stronger, more dimensional stable and easier to shape and machine.  

Typical Panel Applications include:

  • Interior Home or Office
  • Commercial Furniture, Cabinets and Displays
  • Residential Cabinets, Countertops and Shelving
  • Racks, Mezzanine Floors


  • Truck, Bus and Railroad
  • Recreational Vehicles    
  • Boat and Ships

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