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Roseburg is a closely-held company, and we place a high priority on community—both in our facilities and in our hometowns. We started in Roseburg, Ore., with 25 employees. Today, our company employs several thousand people throughout the United States.

Many of our workers are second or third-generation employees, and it’s not uncommon for a husband and wife, father and son, or mother and daughter to work in our facilities and offices. This translates not only to knowledge and experience, but also community. From the friendly receptionists who answer our phones and greet visitors, to the award-winning forest and riparian managers, our people are the very best in the industry.

Our employees understand our customers’ needs. The finishing crews in our Riddle, Ore., plywood facility know the packaging and grade requirements on hundreds of products. The shipping crews at our Dillard, Ore., particleboard facility have won awards for loading boxcars so that products arrive to customers with no damage. These people know their business.

The sense of community within our company also extends to the towns in which we operate. We support community organizations by donating time and money. In small towns such as Coquille, Ore.; Weed, Ca.; and Taylorsville, Miss.; our employees are United Way board members, Relay for Life coordinators, Red Cross volunteers, and little league coaches. Local fire stations and community centers are often built in-part with lumber and plywood donated by our facilities.


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Roseburg is a closely-held forest products company, building value with timberlands, safe and efficient manufacturing, and passionate, capable people. We market quality products and provide superior customer service at a profit to sustain growth.

CORE Values

Safe to the Core:

  • Safe behavior and decisions at all times
  • Proactive recognition and mitigation of risk
  • Accountability for ourselves and others

Sawdust in the Veins:

  • Passionate about and committed to forest products manufacturing
  • Love the wood and care about the dirt
  • Desire to grow and learn more about our business

Handshake Integrity:

  • Humble, selfless, credible, competent
  • Steadfast, no need for formalities to follow through on commitments

Driven to Win:

  • Committed to continuous growth and success
  • Competitive team player
  • Innovative and strategic

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